Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dilly Dallying

I was planning to write about animation in different countries... but I realized that would take a ton of time.. and I had to go back and look for important dates... so ill save that for later... when there's more time

I really can't complain about my summer... but I suddenly had a dreadful feeling that I was no longer able to draw. I just sat in front of my canvas, all thought and no action... It was terrible, and I grew extremely restless at home.

Yesterday I tried sketching my little brother's project car (Nissan 300Z), its basically an old beat up but classic model that he's trying to fix anew. I sat in a bulldozer parked on our front lawn, since nowadays our house is pretty much always under construction. I hate feeling unsure about the lines I was making, so I left the drawing incomplete. That made me feel a bit devastated, since I was hoping for something more prolific. The bulldozer was fun though :)

I also finally read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, after discovering that the upcoming animated film was based on the original storybook. It's funny. I also revisited A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon, I love his illustrations. That helped me feel more up and running.

Since I'm taking two English courses (AP Lit, Semester courses: Shakespeare and Passport) I got started on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and On Writing by Stephen King. Jane Eyre is actually enjoyable, despite its intimidating length. Lol its probably because I already read a creepy picture book version of it and saw a film version of it (black and white). But back then I didn't know I was required to read it for AP lit... so whatever. On Writing is really interesting, its a lot of fun so far. I never read Stephen King's stories nor have I watched the famous novel-based horror films (except for Green Mile, everything else I'm way too scared to watch). I had an odd fear that his biopic would be like his stories--while it is sort of dark.. it's much more about him as an ordinary person (to my relief) and so far its inspiring.... so far. I empathize him on the rejection letters lol and the whole re-writing lesson

I came to the consensus that I had to reorganize my workspace in my "garage studio", which was driving me nuts because I couldn't find some of my sketch ideas. After that I finally started on a painting today. Hopefully my spasdomic phase of inaction has passed.

Later today a lovely senior thesis inspired me greatly, it's called Anchored, by Lindsey Olivares, who just graduated from Ringling (one of my top choices) I love her style, its so colorful and homely! Here's her blog: http://www.lindseyolivares.blogspot.com/ Her thesis is on the right hand side (I don't want to post it because the resolution here is just abominable)the song is called Happy Ending by Mika



  1. Hey Vivian! Yes, I know... I've been experiencing writing inaction... like a starting problem. Oh well, I shall start soon... I hope.

    And you're an excellent artist. And like you just have to wait for it I think... that sudden burst of inspiration (if that's the word) to come along! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Prathima :)

    I was really unsure, because my teacher told me art for a living means I can't wait for inspiration to randomly come. Then again, I'm not working...and I'm just creating, so I guess yea, I do need inspiration :)

  3. Oooh Jane Eyre is really good, I agree completely :]

  4. It's good but some parts were too long, like the whole thing with St. John y'know?
    Rochester is awesome, I don't like how Jane always likes the color gray, its so depressing!

  5. OMG I was going to read the whole post, but then I caught "Jane Eyre" out of the corner of my eye. I've only read about 15 pages of the book, and I love it. I just can't get myself to read it because I'm too lazy. =/
    Anyway. I'm going to read the rest of this post. Or, at least I plan to. D= I don't know.