Friday, July 17, 2009

Sit N' Sketch

I was deeply inspired by the guys at Imaginism Studio Their work is so frickin awesome!!! They add to my heroes list.

OKAY I may be a total noob right now ( if you see the link above, everything below would look like awkward crumpets), but why not learn from the best? The only direction I can go is up... right? So today I started sketching in color, the way the Imaginism guys did with their Subway Sketches.

That said, I spent my Friday lounging around the local plaza. The following drawings are from the cafe, in front of a grocery store, in front of an Italian restaurant, inside a Subway restaurant, and finally in my favorite park. The great thing about this practice is that you get to see how interesting people are. Some were absorbed with their conversation, some quietly read the newspaper, and some had circles under their eyes while litting up a cigarette.

I took a HUGE break in between and read Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler. Great read, for those who like dysfunctional family stories. The story covers the perspective of a mother and her three children, each telling their personal accounts of how they coped when the father left.

Back to the subject, here are the sketches. I had to use a camera, not a scanner T-T so there is a slight color distortian.


  1. aww I love your sketches!! Like slices of life :]

    Especially the last one, so cozy and cute.

    haha wonder if those people knew you were sketching them. But it's all in the name of art ^___^ I'm sure they'd be honored. Or did you ask their permission?

  2. Haha! Thanks Linda! I should sketch you with your ukelele sometime!
    I only ask for people's permission if they notice me drawing them, since it'd be awkward if they see me looking at them a lot for unknown reasons (I don't want to look like a stalker or anything). If they don't know I'm drawing them, it's just easier that way because they act natural. But yes, people are usually happy to be drawn :) so glad we have a friendly community!