Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I can't believe it... Michael Jackson just died June 25 2009, the American icon whose music I always loved listening to, whose dance moves are just irreplaceable... he seemed immortalized on stage :(

In upper elementary/early middle school my little brother and I jammed to his music on a CD player and watch his old VHS video "Michael Jackson Moonwalker". I remember we used to share ear plugs and listen to his songs when we were on the streets of Beijing! I have mixed feelings about all the controversies that revolved around him, he was so awesome before all of that.
It's sad how everyone LOVED him in the eighties and then everyone forgot about his talent and focused on the allegations within the past few years.... and now that he's gone forever, people realized that they've taken him for granted and love him all over again... I'm totally in denial now, I can't believe he's actually gone. No one on this earth had the talent he had. The life of world famous entertainer :(

Despite the recent years, Michael Jackson is one of my all time heroes. He is the best dancer I have ever seen, and his artistry influenced my love for dance. If I had not seen his music videos, I wouldn't love drawing dancing figures as much as I do now. He is truly the King of Pop!
Since he is a music artist, I thought it wouldn't be proper unless I make some kind of art tribute to him. I kind of just did this small painting right now, like at 1 AM with photoshop elements. It isn't as grand as I wanted it to be (definitely doesn't do Michael enough justice), I'll make a better one later. For now this will suffice.May your soul rest in peace Michael Jackson :( I miss you already!


  1. Rest in peace, MJ. :[

    I agree completely, people really don't appreciate things until they're gone. (Like..Mr..Glover..may he rest in peace as well...)

    It's so sad! But your artwork does do him justice.

  2. Yea :( Show business is such a cruel, ugly and beautiful thing, its so weird!!! Yea, Mr. Glover, bless his soul :(

    Well, MJ is probably moonwalking up there...for real :)

  3. Wow. I never really paid much attention to Michael Jackson. But he's such an awesome dancer. D=
    I'm ripping Dangerous (the album) right now. But, this time, I'm actually going to listen to it (or at least try to). I'll see how it goes. All I remember from this album is that "In The Closet" is pretty erotic. D=

  4. Haha I think "In the Closet" is more erotic than MJ's usual songs. I didn't even know that song until I watched VH1 after his death :( You should listen to his Thriller and Bad album though, those have his most well known songs.