Friday, September 11, 2009


Noo summer's over! After staying under the glorious Florida and Georgia sunshine for the last two weeks, it feels really weird being back in this cold, dreary place that I call home. It was great, Florida beaches are beautiful, the sky is filled with purple, pink, blue, yellow, and the clouds look like massive mountains of fluff! When there's a blood red sunset, it looks like an unbelievable digital painting. Tiny lizards dart everywhere along the sidewalks, which I thought was interesting. But the best part about the trip were the people I met, I am so glad I went to visit!
It's weird, two days ago I was in the middle of a gator swamp in Georgia, and now I'm back in the same block building of a school. The swamp was beautiful by the way, not the smelly stereotypical muck so often portrayed. It's hard to believe that the me there and me here are the same. Well this is the big year, and I can barely stick my arms out of the work pile I'm buried in. I hate how there's so much stress involved. Anyway, I will not blog for a while after this, just to make that clear.

Soo today's Friday! Hooray!! When I came home, I was thinking how I should enjoy this day...I thought maybe I should take a nap...but I usually end up sleeping for two hours and then can't sleep at night. So instead I watched t.v. and flipped through the channels, and guess what I saw? The Electric Company on PBS kids!!!

I never heard of the Electric Company before, but I found out it was a show that developed children's literacy in the seventies. In 2009 PBS decided to revive the show. They replaced the hippie theme and modernized it to an urban/hiphop/soul environment. It guest stars many famous people like Whoopie Goldberg and has many talented artists on board, like the beatboxer guy who everyone calls "Shock". This show convinces kids that being smart is cool a cool thing, and not something to be ashamed of.

I really like the motion graphics they use throughout the entire show, how it funkifies the cityscape lol...funkify... anyway it gives off a really technological feel the whole time(then again, PBS is doing that with a lot of their cartoons these days). The episode I watched was about the kids having a limerick battle! I completely forgot what a limerick was (oh those Sylverstein and Scieszka days!) And after I saw the show I was absent-mindedly making up limericks too! I forgot how fun it was! I'm going to make a mental note for myself here:

A limerick is a poem with five lines with an AABBA structure and has a particular rhythm. Here's a random example I came up with:

There once was a boy named Fyron
Who ate on a fire hot iron
when he eat steaks
the mess he makes
Is much like that of a Lion
I hope I did it correctly... this is based on a particular family member ._. haha. Guess.
Alright, blog time's over.


  1. stalks to viv's blog;;

    limmmmmmmmmmmmmericks make me dizzy....


  2. Prathima- thanks!
    Rui- lol hi there :)

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  4. loll;; yeah; tis meeee

    yah; the chinese dude is a weirdo. It makes me wonder why I drew him...

    oh I don't have photoshop. I use sai

  5. well, the guy was great practice for you..and its kind of cool in a historical sense? Yes? No? Anyway I bet it was with charcoal right? I'll wager on it. and omg I wish i knew about sai earlier T-T

  6. lol; sai is A REALLLLLLLLLLLY simple program; and right now I have an english trial version and a japanese version.

    (japanese was given by a friend. lol)

    youuuuuuuuuuuuuu lost the wagerrrrrrrr

  7. lol why don't use just use his name?

  8. idk...I should've, it would sound much less awkward haha

  9. vivvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    do you have a da?

    (imaginism studios)

  10. Yes, I do, and I know about imaginism's d.a. :) thanks though! I go there...often... lol my deviant is

  11. nice;
    mine is

  12. awesome, now you have a new watcher :)
    and i read your latest da entry, don't be so down on yourself! Your work is beautiful!

  13. lol; I wisssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I wanna become better. and better fast. but I have no time. Sighhhhhhhhhhh

  14. haha vivian i just saw this entry xD

    aww a limmerick about a certain "fyron" HAHA. you should use that one for the lit poem we have to write :]

    i like the colors in the first paragraph