Monday, August 24, 2009


So as of today...I'M A CERTIFIED LIFEGUARD!!! YES!!! I managed to pass the test this morning, but the pool location changed and we had to drive for an hour to get to the testing area, which sucked. It was a nice day though lol. The training went by so quickly. Giving my mere physical strength, I can't believe I actually passed the test! I have to work on getting stronger... It was sad and funny how long it took for me to turn my brother over in the water, who so graciously posed as the victim. I honestly cannot imagine myself rescuing a 200+lb. least for now.

Now my face is all slightly sunburned :) . In fact, this whole lifeguard experience gave me an idea for a potential story...that I might write... though it's more potential than story .
Speaking of writing, since he was so nice to mention me in his latest entry I feel I should return the favor---you should go check out my friend Arnold's blog He writes really well!
Hmm...what else is new...
I'm going to go college touring this Thursday. AAAH I feel so weird...I'm denying that life has come to this point, which is ironic since I've always dreamed of going to art school. It's just, it's an overwhelming feeling, to realize that you are going to make whatever you want to with your bare hands. It's a crazy feeling.

One of my best friends is going to college soon. I can't believe that either. It seemed only yesterday we were playing make-believe-digimon/pokemon/sailormoon/whatever anime we were obsessed with and laugh our heads off at what we call funny. Haha I used to be such a control freak with the way we acted everything out, she still taunts me about it. Lol we used to go crazy over scraps of paper and just draw on them. I still have some of the comics we made. All those girl talks and lolligagging :) The make-overs, magazines, and countless other sweet memories. You would always tell me about the latest cute boy band in Asia and so much more. I'm going to miss you Yang :( even though you will come back to visit. I know you've heard this a million times already by everyone, and it's overly cheesy, but I pray for you and wish you the best of luck <3

And that's all I have to say now.


  1. Aww thanks Vivian <3
    I'm going to miss you too~~!! T.T
    But I'll come back to visit as much as possible
    Good luck in your senior year~

  2. T-T SNIFF
    omg it's so weird not seeing you around!!!
    You better.